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10 km Europe Day Budapest Run

By June 12, 2014 August 3rd, 2017 No Comments

cutmypicRecently 2,500 runners participated in a 10km Europe Day Budapest Run around the city to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Hungary joining the European Union. The route consisted of numerous sights which had been renovated or regenerated via EU funds over the past ten years. During the 10km run the participants passed sights like March 15th Square (which commemorates the revolution of 1848, which sought to free the city from 350 years of oppressive rule by the Austrian Habsburgs), Bath Rudas, (Budapest is renowned for it spas and baths) and the Margaret Bridge, (the city’s second oldest bridge, which is a three-way bridge connecting Buda and Pest and Margaret Island across the Danube).

Team Verba partook in the event and certainly relished the experience!  Systems Developer Attila Wolf felt it was a great to participate in the run, “I really enjoyed it! Seeing the sights en route was really great-Budapest is a beautiful city.  I’m not a professional runner, so ten kilometres was quite a challenge for me!”

The team crossed the finishing line and were awarded medals for completing the race. Attila, Petra and Tamas all felt the race was a really good experience! So much so, they are planning to partake in a half-marathon in Budapest this September.