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Transforming Compliance for the Digital Era

We are helping financial services firms drive communication compliance, automate assurance and reduce risk across leading unified communications, collaboration, trader voice and mobile platforms.

Verint Financial Compliance offers a comprehensive approach to compliance, helping you avoid fines and reputational damage. It combines proven technology, automation, data-driven business intelligence, and an open architecture to help you overcome complex compliance challenges. By doing so, we help you weave compliance into your financial services organization.

Compliance Can Be a Nightmare

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Confidently navigate increased regulatory scrutiny, evolving technology, and ever-increasing compliance threats.

Turn regulatory compliance into a strategic advantage. With our suite of solutions, you can capture, aggregate and analyze data, monitor your communications infrastructure 24 x 7 to reduce operational risk, and enforce your compliance policies proactively. Use Verint to help your financial services organization reduce complexity while improving compliance across your critical communication channels.

What Challenges Do You Need to Solve?

Meeting Complex Regulations

Enabling Compliant Communications

Reducing Compliance Costs

Building Holistic Oversight

Turning Data Into Intelligence

Preventing Compliance Issues Proactively

Providing Advanced Capabilities for Financial Services & Trading

Capture all channels used by your workforce

  • Skype for Business Recording – leverage a leading, certified compliance solution to record all forms of interaction via Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Cisco Recording – capture a variety of Cisco UC endpoints and call scenarios with a proven, Cisco compatible compliance platform
  • Trading Turret Recording – reliably record voice trading via dealerboard devices and software-based trader voice systems
  • Mobile Recording – record mobile voice and SMS from multiple public cellular networks and mobile collaboration apps
  • SIP Recording – record voice calls and media routed via Session Border Controllers (SBC) and other telephony endpoints that support SIP protocol
  • Specialist UC & Collaboration Capture – record multi-channel interactions from messaging and content-sharing apps used by the financial community
  • Avaya Recording – benefit from robust call recording and archiving for Avaya UC and telephony endpoints

Retain, manage, and make sense of vast volumes of recorded data

  • Records Retention – apply sophisticated data retention and storage policy rules to meet record-keeping demands.
  • Data Security – digitally sign, encrypt, control access to and securely manage your recorded data throughout its entire lifecycle.
  • Data Management – use a comprehensive data management framework for data storage, validation, import, export and processing.
  • Data Retrieval – extract data from multiple voice recording platforms for custodial audit or bulk legacy extraction.
  • Speech Transcription & Data Analysis – leverage advanced speech-to-text, search and analytics capabilities to make sense of large datasets.
  • Case Management – use intuitive workflows and rules-based automation to investigate and manage compliance cases effectively.
  • Dashboards & Reporting – benefit from real-time dashboards and data visualization to track trends, anomalies, actions for data-driven insights.

Automatically monitor your infrastructure and regulate interactions

  • Call Recording Assurance – leverage comprehensive call recording tracking, alerting, and policy matching to assure every call is properly recorded.
  • Call & Voice Quality Testing – conduct automatic “walk-the-floor” audio quality testing and scoring across handsets, comms platforms, and recorders.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring – apply automation to test, monitor and verify the state, health and performance of your entire communications and recording infrastructure.
  • Policy Governance – benefit from end-to-end compliance governance by assuring applicable regulations and rules against users, groups and transactions.
  • Ethical Wall – use rules-based technology to apply communication barriers, filter IM content, hide presence information and apply IM disclaimer notifications to avoid compliance breaches.

What Makes Verint Different?

Recognized Compliance Technology Provider

We are a leading provider of regulatory technology solutions recognized by various industry recognitions that include RegTech Insight Award and multiple UC Awards.

Open Architecture, Ease of Integration

We make life easier for financial services by integrating with existing systems and offering an open standard approach rather than creating proprietary blockages.

Going Beyond After-The-Fact Compliance

Beyond capturing interactions, we deliver proactive capabilities to help businesses prevent compliance issues instead of dealing with the aftermath.

Helping You Manage Uncertainty

We know businesses evolve and there is a risk associated with that process. Verint can easily adapt to your changing needs and help you stay compliant amid constant change.

Putting Automation to Work

We bring automation that improves efficiency, reduces complexity, mitigates human error and enables your workforce to focus on higher-value activities.

Compliance Partner Ecosystem

We are forging strategic partnerships with leading regulatory technology and service providers to innovate financial services firms' compliance infrastructure.


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It is very easy to locate calls, I just log in via the web interface and find the recording with a click of a button. This is extremely positive – a vast improvement to what we had previously when it comes to resolving disputes surrounding a trade. Every minute counts, so in that sense it decreases our risk.

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