Video and telepresence call recording

In todays unified communications world, video based interactions are getting more and more widespread. Verba Technologies provides leading recording technologies for video and telepresence solutions. Organizations introducing video or telepresence based communication channels can leverage the benefits of a unified recording system.

Benefits and key differentiators

Verba Recording System provides several benefits over legacy/traditional video conference recording solutions. Verba introduces a completely new approach and allows organizations to introduce video call/conference recording in the very same way as with traditional voice recording.

  • Automatic and full recording - Legacy video conference recording systems are supporting ad-hoc recording where the users have to manually trigger the recording from the endpoint. The automatic recording functionality is missing from the legacy architectures in most cases. Verba video and telepresence recording features are entirely built on the top of the core voice call recording system, which was originally designed for automatic, full, always on recording scenarios.
  • Compliance recording - The strict and rigorous requirements of the compliance recording policies set by various governments, companies and other associations require special features from the recording system, which are not available in traditional video conference recorders, because they were not built for those purposes. Multi-level access control, encrypted storage, full audit trails, enhanced security features, multiple choice of recording mechanisms are all examples of the functions available in Verba Recording System.
  • Not just video or telepresence - Verba Recording System provides a completely unified approach for voice, video and telepresence. Companies now can deploy a single call recording solution independently the type of the media being recorded.
  • Vendor agnostic approach - Most of the traditional video conference recorders are only compatible with their own vendor endpoints. Verba supports multiple vendors including Cisco, Tandberg, Polycom, LifeSize and others.
  • New recording technology - Legacy video conference recorders can only record a call or conference if the recorder itself joins the call by consuming very expensive MCU and network bandwidth resources. By introducing passive recording technology to the video call and conference market, Verba Recording System provides a very effective recording approach. In addition to the powerful passive recording method, the system also provides the traditional conference based approach for more user conveniance.
  • Reliability and scalability - Verba is a proven solution in e.g. financial services organizations, where reliability and scalability are mandatory requirements. Verba also provides high availability, load balancing and multi-site capabilities to support large scale or mission critical environments.
  • No HW lock in - Most of the other solutions are appliance based systems without the options to upgrade or easily replace hardware components. Verba Recording System is designed to support todays IT infrastructures and architectures, which are utilizing common and standard HW solutions and virtualization. With Verba, you can choose your own server or blade platform based on your preferences and you are also allowed to deploy certain Verba components on VMware systems. No more hidden, proprietary HW costs and limitations.


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Supported recording technologies

Supported video/telepresence endpoint vendors

  • Cisco/Tandberg
  • Lync
  • Polycom
  • Aethra/Radvision
  • LifeSize

The recording technology used by the system is 100% standard based, however certain vendors or endpoints are using proprietary solutions, which may requires some customization.

Supported video codecs

  • H.261
  • H.263
  • H.264

Supported audio codecs

  • G.711
  • G.729
  • G.722
  • iLBC
  • AAC-LD
  • AAC-LC

Supported storage codecs and file formats

  • Windows Media Video with various bandwidth and resolution options
  • VMF (Verba Media Format) maintaining the original quality


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