Standard Software and Hardware

Verba Recording System is software only solution which makes it "IT department friendly".

Call recording solution for state-of-the-art IT departments

Most of other recording solutions are appliance based systems without the options to upgrade or easily replace hardware components. The Verba Recording System is designed to support todays IT infrastructures and architectures, which are utilizing common and standard HW solutions and virtualization.

Blade-servers, virtualization: all covered

With Verba, you can choose your own server or blade platform based on your preferences and you can also deploy Verba components on VMware systems. No more hidden, propritery HW costs and limitations.

Familiar software solutions in your recording system

Verba Recording System is built-on standard operating systems from Microsoft and utilizes other industry standard applications like Microsoft SQL Server or Apache Tomcat Java Servlet Container. 

VMware Ready

Verba Recording System is a VMware Ready solution

Verba Recording System is VMware Ready. It has passed VMware defined testing and interoperability criteria.

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