Integrated Speech Analytics

The Verba Speech Analytics is a compliance and contact center quality management solution that provides search capabilities in recorded voice and video conversations. Verba provides a unique solution, where collaboration recording, quality management and speech analytics are integrated into a single unified platform.

Call Center Speech Analytics

With Verba Speech Analytics, you can listen to the voice of your customers, uncover customer intentions, and analyze customer sentiments while saving time and resources. The introduction of Speech Analytics enables supervisors to focus on the right calls, instead of listening to calls with no relevant quality assurance events.

Verba Speech Analytics

What is Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics allows you to uncover vital customer information buried in the recordings of your voice communications. The phrase search capability of Verba Speech Analytics gives the freedom to supervisors to find relevant information from millions of recordings. There are countless scenarios, where your business can benefit from Speech Analytics.

Agent Evaluations

  • Proper greetings – find out if your agents are properly greeting customers
  • Compliance message – verify that your agents are following legal compliance rules
  • Inappropriate phrases – spot rude, inappropriate language
  • Agent insecurities – certain phrases point to situations where the agent needs help

Voice of Customer

  • Customer and product satisfaction – search phrases that indicate how satisfied the customer is
  • Campaign responses – find references to ongoing campaigns
  • Competitors’ names – listen to mentions of your competitors
  • Lower churn – focus on calls where customers ask for reimbursements and show dissatisfaction

Sales Performance

  • Opportunities for upselling and cross-selling – find opportunities by searching for customer needs
  • Emerging trends – build your sales plan around ideas your customers start talking about
  • Identify buying signals – search for buying signals and train agents when opportunities are missed
  • Sales delivery – evaluate how your sales team pitch customers and listen to responses

Why Verba Speech Analytics?

Verba provides an efficient, scalable and secure solution with an easy-to-use web interface, built on the top of Verba Recording System. Using the Verba system you can convert audio data into measurable business intelligence. You can improve the quality and performance of your contact center based on facts provided by a trusted solution.

User friendly

Ad-hoc search can be executed at speeds of 100.000x real-time. The solution is recommending most used search phrases for quick analysis. Rules can be defined where results should include all, any or none of the given phrases. Multiple supervisors and compliance experts can work together to define search criteria and let Verba search those phrases in each new call and send notifications of phrases of interest immediately.

High performance

The solution utilizes multi-core support, where all processing power in your server works to achieve fast response times. Using multiple Verba Speech Analytics servers can search in large amounts of calls and the system will intelligently share the processing load amongst your servers. An intelligent caching technology ensures extreme fast results for most common phrases.


Administrators have complete control over the speech analytics functionality. You can configure policies with selective indexing that defines which subset of your calls are available in search. Access control policies can be defined and the right to search is authorized on a per user basis. Our multi-tenant support ensures that large environments with different organizations can have their own selective indexing, authorization, access control policies, auto-search phrases and auto-suggestions independently of each other.

Cost effective

While maintaining a high quality search experience you can compress voice recordings and save up to 80% of your disk capacity. You can also lower your TCO by virtualizing your entire speech search solution with VMware or Hyper-V.


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