Screen capturing

Screen capture for quality management

Verba Screen Capture module is an optional building block of the Verba Performance and Quality Management system. Contact center supervisors, managers are now able to monitor and evaluate agent performance by recording the content of the agents' computer desktop screen during the calls.

Lightweight and centrally managed capturing agent

The lightweight screen capture agent module is installed on the agent computer and it automatically records the screen activity during the agent's calls. The recorded screen capture video files are automatically uploaded to the Verba Media Repository server, where the files are merged with the audio counterparts, providing a single, synchronized media file for playback. The upload process is configurable and it supports scheduling. As all other system components, these screen capture modules are also configured and managed centrally. Administrators can simply apply a common settings for all agent computers by a single mouse click, through a configuration profile on the web based management interface.

Efficient screen capture video codec

Verba Screen Capture module utilizes a new video encoding mechanism called Verba Screen Codec (VSC). The codec was developed in house and leverages the latest compressions and optimalization techniques. The VSC provides lossless and lossy encoding options with the ability to configure the resolution, color depth and quality. Compared to other lossless screen capturing codecs or lossy general video codecs, VSC provides a significant benefit in terms of speed, resource consumption and file size.

Flexible API

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) or other policies require to control the screen capturing by pausing and resuming the process when certain conditions are met, e.g. card holder PIN code is entered by the agent on the screen. In order to comply with these requirements, Verba Screen Capturing module has a powerful, standard based Application Programming Interface (API). 


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