Enterprise grade reporting solution

The Verba Recording System and the Verba Performance and Quality Management solution include a powerful reporting solution enabling business decision makers, supervisor and IT department members to gain insight into the various metrics of the contact center operation. The easy-to-use and flexible reporting module allows to create visually compelling, standard format reports right at your fingerprints. The 100% web-based user interface is accessible directly from the Verba Recording System framework at any and from any location without the need of installing client applications. Reports can be generated in an ad-hoc or scheduled way to increase productivity and reduce waiting time.

Open, flexible and feature-rich reporting server

  • Enterprise grade reporting server based on JasperSoft Business Intelligence (BI) suite
  • 30+ built-in report templates (Call Activity, Quality Management, System)
  • Ad-hoc, scheduled and periodic report creation options
  • Flexible date and time interval configuration with absolute and relative options
  • Detailed filtering options
  • Several output formats: PDF, XLS, XLSX, DOCX, RTF, XML, etc.
  • Ability to save report templates for future use
  • Open API and tools for designing your own report templates


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