Recording Reliability and Performance

The Verba Recording System offers flexible options to achieve increased reliability and redundancy.

Peace of mind: a reliable recording solution

Built in software solutions provide reliability to all Verba systems:

  • Self monitoring - Verba systems come with built in monitoring and alerting capabilities
  • Self healing - Verba systems have the capability to even react to certain failure conditions to further increase uptime
  • Backup recording services - All passive Verba systems include a recording service that can ensure that recording is running even during phone system upgrades

High availability options

Depending on the desired system availability and cost efficiency, the solution provides the following options:

  • Cold standby option - Cold standby means that there are two installed and configured Verba servers. One of them is always active. If the active server fails, system administrators can switch between the active and inactive servers and recording can be continued. In this situation, the calls, which were being recording while the system goes down, are dropped. 
  • Multiple servers - Passive redundancy can be achieved by multiplying Verba components (the multiple Verba servers work independently of each other). In this configuration, if one of the servers fails, the other one can continue to record calls (even those calls are recorded, which were being recorded while one of the servers goes down – because the other server records in parallel).
  • Hardware reliability - The reliability of the overall system can also be increased by utilizing redundant hardware components in the servers :
    • redundant disk arrays
    • redundant power supplies

Call recording performance 

All core software components of the solution are built using optimized libraries powered by Intel offering unmatched performance. The special performance optimization enables to leverage the new and enhanched features of the latest CPUs like multi-core / multi-threading, SSE 4.2, etc.

The underlying software and the open hardware architecture of the Verba Recording System enables customers to increase the performance and capacity of the recording system by upgrading the core hardware components. 


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