Call Playback Experience

The built-in Verba Player provides advanced playback experience for end-users.

Web based, client-free playback

Playback functionality is available right in the browser window, no need for installing client applications (any client computer equipped with Microsoft Windows Media Player can use Verba Player). In order to fine-control the playback Verba Player provides sophisticated playback controls like: play, pause, stop, play selected, begin, end, fast forward, fast reverse, playback speed control, volume control and stereo channel control. 

Waveform display for one and two channel calls

call visualization provides a unique view of the recorded voice conversations and allows users to easily position to those parts of the calls where actual speech is happened.

Video replay capabilties with full screen support

Verba Player not only allows users to play back voice recordings, but provides advanced capabilities for video recordings playback as well. Whether it is a computer screen recording or a telepresence call/conference recording, Verba Player provides the same controls and functionalities available for voice recordings in a seamless way. 

Position markers through phones, web or API

Call markers allow users to highlight and annotate certain parts of the recorded conversations, and share this information with other users in the system. Markers can be placed manually using the intuitive Verba Player or the Verba XML Service on Cisco IP phones during the call (if you reached an important part of the ongoing conversation, just hit a button on the phone and you will be able to get back to that section of the call quickly and easily later and add additional comments or let a supervisor review that portion). Markers can be also placed by any 3rd party application using a standard API, so important events like placing an order, etc. can also be marked during the phone conversation.

Download important segments of recorded calls

Another useful feature of the markers enables users to export and download the marked segment of the call to standard WAV files. The effective utilization of the Verba Player marker functionality allows organizations to increase productivity by reducing time required to find important and relevant parts of the recorded interactions.


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