Verba Services for Cisco Phones

Verba Recording System not only provides a feature-rich web based user interface, but allows Cisco IP phones users to access certain important features of the system directly from their handset without turning on their computer.

Cisco Phone XML application

The following list summarizes the available functions on the XML capable Cisco IP phones:

  • On-demand recording - you can mark a call for keeping any time during the call or later for a configured amount of time
  • Tagging - provide valuable hint and tags for the calls you made to reduce searching times later
  • Markers - mark the most important parts of the conversation during the call and later review them in Verba Player

One touch recording capabilities for Cisco phones

Functions of the Verba XML application for Cisco phones can be assigned to line keys on advanced Cisco phones. This allows simple, one touch call recording, marking, tagging capabilities to simplify everyday work for your users.


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