Partner Program

A long term strategic partnership

At Verba Technologies, every partnership is long term and strategic. The long life-cycle of call recording systems provides a unique opportunity for our partners to engage in profitable multi-year deals with their customers.

Verba Technologies and our partners are building value together by creating a network of skilled and focused organizations with one goal in common – provide products and services to our customers in the Unified Communications call recording field that meets and exceeds expectations of quality and service.

The Verba Partner Program

The Verba Partner Program defines guidelines and policies for marketing, lead generation, sales quotations, product training, certifications, technical support and other important aspects of the value generation process.

Our partner program specifies a set of rules regulating most aspects of selling Verba Technologies products and services. Our role in the collaboration is to provide our Partner with a great product, efficient working conditions and effective tools to simplify your business, stimulate your product flow and support your process of managing existing customers. This all leads to satisfied customers with increased profitability.

As a qualified member of the Verba Partner Program, you will deliver more solutions, with higher quality, more added value and significantly higher turnover and margins. This is exactly what leads to long term strategic partnerships.

The Verba Commitment

Our team is committed to provide Partners with the tools and information needed to successfully execute the marketing and sales of Verba Technologies products, services and solutions. The program bundles skills and expertise that provide Partners with the correct tools to thrive in the market as well as deploy, integrate and support Verba Technologies products and solutions.

Why partner with Verba Technologies?

The unified communications market growth is accelerating at an unprecedented speed and Verba Technologies is well positioned to gain significant market share with its products. There are numerous reasons to partner with Verba Technologies including the following (participation based on your partner level):

  • Innovate best in class products - Distinguish yourself from the competition by offering award winning, best-in-class products that provide reliable, scalable and flexible solutions for demanding business needs
  • Comprehensive product portfolio - Wide range of products for any enterprise, deployed individually or in concert to create cutting-edge business critical solutions
  • Cooperative sales and marketing - Joint trade-show participation, articles, press release, marketing materials, sales lead sharing, reference customers
  • Superior sales support - Sales kit with product brochures, case-studies, white papers; Product training; webinars, demos, demo version of the product
  • Open communication - Periodic newsletters, toll-free numbers, web hotline
  • Excellent customer references - Many well known and emerging enterprises relying on quality solutions and service excellence of Verba Technologies
  • Increased profitability - Decreased cost of sales, increased productivity, flexible volume driven margins and rebates
  • Influence product evolution - Active product development involvement: feature request funneling, technology previews, beta testing
  • Customized solutions - Individual customizations, enhancements, integrations
  • Excellent product support services - Standard or tailored SLAs, with responsiveness and product knowledge, yielding outstanding customer satisfaction. Option for integrated support systems.
  • Incentive programs for customers - Reassuring buying experience for customers including Reference Customer Program, Upgrade Program, Trade-Up Program to switch from a competitor's product

Dedicated Partner Site

The Partner Program gives resellers and implementation partners direct access to Verba resources via many channels, including the Verba Partner Portal - our web site for our channel partners. Services include: download targeted sales kits and materials, get video tutorials, white papers and documentation, search our extensive knowledgebase, review and open support case or download demo versions.

Become a Partner

If you are interested in becoming a Verba Technologies Partner, please follow the link below and fill out the application form.


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