Multi-site/branch call recording architecture

Financial services including banks, insurance companies, governmental organizations and several other business types are traditionally relying on large number of branch offices throughout their operational territory. These organizations must comply with various regulations set by the law or internal company standards to meet various goals like quality management or dispute resolution. The demand for recording voice interactions in the branches are getting higher and higher as the telecommunication infrastructure is evolving in the branch office. More and more customer interactions are landing at the branch office. In order to meet these requirements, Verba Technologies is offering a state-of-the-art multi-site/branch recording solution, which provides a very flexible and cost effective solution.

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  • Fully centralized solution with distributable system components.
  • Proven architecture with hundreds of reference sites all around the world.
  • The remote sites or branches are running a lightweight store and forward module called the Recording Server while at the main site, the Media Repository component is installed, which provides centralized storage, playback, administration and archiving.
  • Very low O&M costs due to the centralized management, storage, archiving and playback.
  • WAN failure resilient since the Recording Server components is able to work without the central Media Repository and can synchronize the recorded media when the WAN link is up again. Support for Cisco Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST).
  • Support for blade servers and VMware servers for even smaller footprint and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and increased manageability.
  • Support for video and telepresence in addition to voice.
  • Extremely flexible and scalable solution to support even hundreds of Recording Servers in a single solution.
  • Secure communications and data transmission among the system components using industry standards like SSL and AES.

Note: not all types of branch infrastructures are requiring the deployment of recording servers in the branches. Verba Technologies offers various other centralized recording methods, where the recorded media is automatically sent/forked to the recording server at the main site. Verba Recording System even allows the deployment of a mixed solution, where the various recording methods and architectures are combined in order to support the most versatile requirements of the customers. Do not hesitate to contact us to start discussing the best option for your system.


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