Verba Customers

Call Recording for Media

Verba helps media organizations like news agencies, television stations, newspapers and others to record phone calls for various purposes.

Recording investigations, interviews and threats 

  • How do you document your investigations?
  • Can your journalists record phone interviews?
  • Can your journalists do it from their laptop, from their mobile?
  • Can you access all your phone interviews from secured protected repository?
  • Do you protect your journalist in case someone threatens them?

Verba solutions provide optimal answers to all these questions.

Call recording and dictation for every journalist

The Verba recording solution provides both call recording services (including conference recording, always-on and silent recording options) for both desktop and mobile phones. In cooperation with mobile service providers Verba solutions can be deployed in a way that all incoming and outgoing mobile phone calls are recorded as if they were made on a desktop phone in the office.

More efficient call center operations

The largest contact centers in media organizations work with subscription and ad sales and management. As for any other contact center, Verba solutions provide a quality management framework that helps to call center management and supervisors to improve the customer experience based on measured facts.


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