Verba Customers

Call Recording for Market Research
ISO 20525 compliance solution

Verba helps market research organizations to comply with industry standards through the use of call and media recording.

Call recording for ISO 20252 compliance

With the compression and sampling technologies built into Verba recording solution it is easy to run quality assurance on at least 5% of the phone interviews as required by the standard. Through the combined use of audio and interviewer screen recording, the Verba solution can help improve the user-friendliness of CATI solutions used by our customers.

Recording integrated with CATI solutions

Through simple integration with CATI solutions the Verba recording system is able to navigate in interviews on the question/answer level. While our competitors would only provide you with a single media flow, the Verba solution can directly play you back each question and answer, which dramatically improves the speed of quality assurance.

Quality control for telephone research

Our quality assurance workflow solutions and integration capabilities with CATI solutions make Verba a unique and efficient solution for quality assurance of telephone research. Our system can provide either work/time savings in research call quality teams or to improved research quality with lower error margins.


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