Maintenance and Support

Verba Technologies offers its customers a peace of mind knowing that they can rely on Verba to provide the high quality support they need, when they need it. Our support lets organizations alleviate the worries of system maintenance and rather focus on achieving their business goals. Our maintenance and support reflect our ongoing commitment to serving as a trusted resource for our customers.

At Verba, we are dedicated to creating exceptional relationships by delivering quality communication solutions. We are constantly looking for ways to keep pace with our customers' evolving needs. Verba Technologies provides professional and cost effective maintenance services as well as the latest software upgrades to ensure that our solutions are fully operational and up to date. Our support services are provided in English.

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Verba Support & Maintenance Program

Verba Technologies Maintenance Program delivers the following essential benefits:

  • End-to-end maintenance and support for first class service throughout the delivery and post-sale cycle provided by highly professional and experienced personnel.
  • Cutting edge technology including current releases of software version upgrades, patches and fixes to ensure that the system stays up-to-date with the latest Verba solution releases providing enhanced functionality and technology.
  • Improved budget planning for investment protection through an annual fee payment structure for investment protection and prevention of unexpected expenses that can crop up when there is no formal maintenance program.

Supporting your solution based on your needs

Verba Technologies recognizes that optimal business applications don't come out of the box. Verba delivers smart solutions and superior maintenance services tailored to fit your budget and your needs. That's why we support our solutions with worldwide professional services. Our consulting, education and technical support allows you to customize Verba solutions to meet your needs.

Commitment to our call recording partners and customers

We are committed to working with our partners and customers throughout the life of a Verba solution - from system design to post-implementation troubleshooting. Verba Technology focuses on maximum performance, reliability and availability for our customers' contact centers, messaging, and IP telephony applications and systems because their success is Verba's success.

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