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Call Recording for Law Firms

Since a lot of legal business is done over the phone, interactions need to be recorded to reduce legal liability. Verba recording solutions help law firms document client demands and authorizations and provide documentation to help settle billing disputes.

Recording dictation

The Verba recording system can be used to replace separate dictation devices with a phone. Dictations are made over the telephone, stored centrally, transcription can be initiated immediately. The resulting secure, centralized and searchable dictation database completely replaces tape or digital memory card based processes.

Recording conference calls with clients and other parties

Law firms can rely on recording features of standard conference call services or use their own in-house Verba recorder that would participate in the conference and record everything as any other participants hear it. These recordings are stored in a searchable database in-house.

Remote depositions

Professional call recording and the recording of video conferences can lead to dramatic travel cost reductions for law firms. Depositions may be done remotely and multimedia documentation of the event can be securely stored for transcription and retrieval.


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