IP Trade call recording solution

Recording of phone transactions is vital and legally required for financial institutions. Recording and archiving for several years is mandatory and you have to be able to easily retrieve recordings on the request of authorities.
Build your next generation trading room solution with IP Trade and Verba.

Verba and IP Trade: a complete trading floor solution

Most of the added value of IP convergence comes from the integration of telephony systems with computer-based applications. IP Trade and Verba Technologies provide a complete trading floor communications solution, that works perfectly with your enterprise IP telephony. No separate silos, no double management, one reliable IP platform.

Read more about the IP Trade solution at www.iptrade-networks.com.

Built for compliance recording in the finance sector

The Verba Recording System is designed from the ground up to meet the demanding requirements of banking, trading and insurance. The Verba Recording System is optimized for multi-site operation, characterized by high performance, high reliability, enterprise management and security features: providing a truly high-end solution at a competitive price.

Close call recording integration with IP Trade turrets

Verba Recording System offers an integrated trading room recording solution for IP Trade trading turrets. IP Trade turrets can send recording streams directly to Verba recorders and provide playback capabilities directly from the turret. The turrets and the recorders are built for recording failover situations with recording health notifications on the turret screen. Our latest exhaustive integration testing was done in Summer 2011 on turret version 5.2.

Supported IP Trade turrets

Our IP Trade recording solution uses central recording method with RTP forking supported by the IP Trade trading turrets.

Supported IP Trade trading turrets

  • IP Trade T3203 (3 speaker channels)
  • IP Trade T3210 (10 speaker channels)
  • IP Trade T3230 (30 speaker channels)
  • XMA modules XMA3210 and XMA3230

Recording features available

  • duplicate media stream recording
    (direct recording from turret for turret version 3.3, 4.x.x and 5.x.x)
  • passive, network-based recording
    (all turret versions, but limited CDR data)
  • replay from turret
    (above turret version 5.2.15392)

Channel recording modes

  • recording all channels individually
  • recording with selective channel mixing


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