Instant Message Recording

The Verba Recording System provides an integrated solution to record voice, video and instant messages on a single recording platform.

IM compliance for Cisco and Lync

The Verba solution currently supports the following IM technologies:

  • Cisco Jabber - in our Cisco solution, the Cisco Presence Server connects to the Verba Recording System, which plays the role of a Compliance Server in this scenario.
  • Microsoft Lync - in case of Microsoft Lync, the Verba Lync filter used in our Lync voice and video recording solution, also records instant message signalling and stores it in the same database where other recorded sessions are stored.

IM recording completes our collaboration recording portfolio.

Unified Voice and IM search experience

Our solution provides a unified search experience, where IM conversations are presented in the same view as your voice and video calls. This provides a great timeline view of complex conversations where the session starts with IM and is escalated into a call.

IM sessions are presented in the Verba Conversation Viewer, which shows the entire conversation. The solution stores the entire clear text / rich text or HTML formatted conversation for complete session recall.

The solution provides lightening fast full text search capabilities for instant messages, completely integrated with the traditional call search interface.

Complete IM compliance feature set

The Verba Recording System provides the following:

  • unified search - a single search experience for voice, video and IM conversations
  • full text search - search in for millions of messages
  • selective recording - you decide whose IM sessions should be recorded
  • ongoing conversations - a list of all ongoing chat conversations together with all other ongoing calls
  • IM monitoring - it is possible to view contents of ongoing IM sessions (silent monitoring for IM)
  • per user IM recording - recording of all chat conversations from the view point of all participants
  • (including one-to-one and conference chats)
  • compliance message - a message can be inserted into the beginning of all chat flows (e.g. this conversation is recorded for compliance reasons)
  • mixed scenarios - support for all scenarios, when chat conversations are escalated into voice, screen capture and file transfers (although the transferred files themselves are not currently recorded)
  • resiliency - recording sessions seamlessly continue after network downtime
  • compliance stop - chat conversations can be prevented if recording is not operational
  • multiple recorders - multiple IM recorders can be connected to one Verba Media Repository
  • end-to-end encryption - sessions transferred between recorders and repository are encrypted


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