Verba Customers

Call Recording for Healthcare

Verba call recording solutions are used by hospitals and health related call center operations all around the world.

Call recording is vital for high quality healthcare

  • Do you record all emergency calls?
  • Can your emergency team listen to recorded calls immediately?
  • Can you legally protect doctors working on your telephone hotlines?
  • Can you prove that your call center did not give out false medication information?
  • Could you make a better decision if an expert would hear that call?

All these questions that arise related to the use of phone communication in the healthcare sector lead to very high adoption of call recording solutions in healthcare providers.

HIPAA compliance with call recording

Healthcare service providers are regulated by HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Verba customers are using call recording as part of their compliance framework.

Call recording protects both the public and the health expert

A great number of non-profit health and social care organizations run help lines and pharmaceutical companies run hotlines supporting their products. During interactions on these lines doctors, pharmacist, psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals get involved in situations where important advice needs to be given over the telephone to avoid serious health problems. It is the duty of these organizations and enterprises to protect their professionals in litigation.


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