Dial-in call recording

The dial-in recording functionality enables organizations to record any type of phone calls at any location using any type of phone device including mobile phonesets. Implementing call recording functionality, outside of the enteprise telephony system, is always a big headache (if not impossible). Verba Technologies changes this situation by introducing a standard based, flexible and feature-rich dial-in call recording service on the top of the robust Verba Recording System.

What is dial-in call recording?

The dial-in call recording functionality enables the users to initiate call recording by simply setting up a conference call while they are in a call or before making the call. The solution provides options for authentication and authorization if needed and it also allows to play back recordings through the interactive voice response interface (IVR).

Built-in into your Verba Recording System

The software only solution in the Verba Recording System offers the same, feature-rich functionality inlcuding multi-level access control and enhnaced security as our other recording technologies. The dial-in call recording application is connected to the enterprise telephony system via a standard SIP trunk and offers connectivity to the service from any location on the world using any type of phones, even mobile phones.

Recording use cases

  • Mobile phone recording - implementing mobile phone recording in the enterpise is no longer an unreachable functionality. The dial-in recorder option provides an easy and standard based solution for enterprise grade, mobile phone recording requirements.
  • Remote interview recording for journalists - using the dial-in recorder you can start using your phones and phone system to record phone interviews at any time from any device at any location. Compared with other recording solutions based on phone software or standalone dictaphone devices, the Verba solution will provide a secure, searchable central repository of all interviews ever created.
  • Workforce on the move - remote workers, sales people on the road are all examples of the growing number of mobile workforce. Providing call recording service for these people is now made easy and affordable.
  • Ad-hoc video conference recording - video conference rooms or video desktop devices, softphones can simply dial-in and start recording the video call/conference.

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  • Any phone call can be recorded; even mobile phone calls are supported.
  • Call playback on any phone device.
  • Supports silent monitoring.
  • Supports video calls.


  • No support for automatic recording, the conference has to be manually set up on the phone device by the user.


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