Data Retention System

Recorded data management is a key component of any recording system. Verba provides a sophisticated storage policy framework allowing companies to define rules for data retention. These policies control the recorded data lifecycle in the system.

Flexible retention rules based on call parameters

The framework provides flexible options to manage the recorded media in the system by allowing administrators to configure retention rules based on various criteria like:

  • phone numbers,
  • names,
  • extension numbers,
  • users,
  • groups,
  • date and time values,
  • call duration and more.

Seamless integration with SAN, NAS & DAS devices

The system provides a seamless integration with SAN, NAS and DAS storage solutions for online operation and archive as well. These solutions can also be mixed for a cost effective, hybrid, self-managing storage solution.

There is no need for dedicated archiving or backup solution, organization can leverage their current investments and reduce operational and maintenance costs by integrating the archiving and backup functions into the existing infrastructure.


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