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Call recording for Contact Centers

With hundreds of thousands of new call center seats being added every year around the world, the call center industry is growing with no sign of slowdown. As call centers and call center projects get larger, maintaining high quality customer communications becomes a challenge.

Verba recording solutions are deployed at contact centers of different sizes all around the world. Our customers are using our tools to improve customer experience, reduce costs and optimize business processes.

Do you know the answer to vital questions?

  • Do your operators mention up-selling options?
  • Can you demonstrate best practice to them?
  • Do you know what your customer said?

Verba solutions help you answers these and similar questions. Our customers are using the Verba recording system to:

  • improve contact center quality through a structured quality assurance process,
  • help in resolving disputes, settling customer complaints,
  • document agreements executed over the phone.

Call center quality assurance

With Verba you will find technical solutions that will allow you to replay calls for evaluation and see the screen of your operator to analyze how your software tools where used during the phone call. Call and screen analysis closes the quality loop in your call center, allowing you to plan more effective operator training and design more optimal resource allocation.

Train your sales force with best practice

Even if your sales force sells fairly standard products and services and have more or less the same market and customer opportunities, there is significant variation in the results of individual representatives. Recording calls of your top performing sales people on a voluntarily basis and presenting them to your whole sales team is a great way to appreciate good results and spread best practice. In case your local laws prevent silently recording customer calls, or you feel that announcing the fact recording is disruptive for your customers, you can decide to record and play only your sales persons voice for training purposes.

Document voice contracts

In a contact center that makes agreements over the phone with customers, documentation of oral agreements are very important. Verba solutions can document entire conversations or only the part that covers the voice contract. The recordings are properly stored and can be easily searched.


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