Cisco call recording

The various recording engines of the Verba Recording System have a long standing history in the Cisco Unified Communications space. Our technology is on the market since 2002. Verba Technologies offers one of the most reliable and most versatile call recording solution for customers using Cisco Unified Communications solutions.

Certified solution from a Cisco partner

Verba Technologies participates in the Cisco Developer Network, which ensures that the Verba Recording System is 100% compatible with all Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions. This partnership provides a solid foundation for Cisco customers seeking long-term reliability.

Verified Cisco Compatible call recording system

Verba Recording System is a Cisco Compatible solution. It was verified by Cisco Systems through the very rigorous Interoperability and Verification Testing (IVT) many times for different Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions since 2003. The official Cisco Compatible status ensures that customers using the Verba Recording System are able to protect their investment and can leverage the full functionality of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager platform in conjuction with the recording system.

Learn more about the Cisco Compatible Certification of our call recording system.

The most versatile recording technology on the market

Verba Recording System enables the following recording technologies to be used in a Cisco Unified Communications environment:

Cisco Compatible

Verba Recording System is a Cisco Compatible solutionVerba Recording System is Cisco Compatible.

Verified by Cisco Systems through the rigorous Interoperability and Verification Testing (IVT).

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