Verba Customers

Verba call recording customers

The network effect

The greatest value in our business is the fact that Verba solutions are used at over 1500 customer sites in more than 60 countries around the world. For our customers this means that they use a technology proven in many scenarios. This is what we call the network effect, and it's fundamental to our success as a software company and for you as a call recording system owner.

Call recording for every vertical

Since our call recording solutions are used in many industries we have gathered insight into the specific requirements of many different organizations. This means we will most likely have all the answers to your questions, included in the product right out of the box.

Building effective vertical solutions with call recording

With experience in many different sectors, Verba Technologies is ready to offer you a solution that is in use in organizations similar to yours. We know your industry, we understand your challenges.

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