Call Center Training With Best Practice

Wouldn't it be great if you could you train your call center operators using real life best practice call material? This can be achieved with a solution that helps both identify and share best practive calls.

Improve your sales force with best practice training

In the pharmaceutical, medical devices, hospital products, financial services and information technology industries your sales force sells fairly standard products and services and have more or less the same market and customer opportunities. Yet there is significant variation in the results of individual representatives. Recording calls of your top performing sales people on a voluntarily basis and presenting them to your whole sales team is a way to appreciate good results and spread best practice.

Call center training and privacy requirements can be balanced

In case your local laws prevent silently recording customer calls, or you feel that announcing the fact recording is disruptive for your customers, you can decide to record and play only your sales persons voice for contact center training purposes.

Online telemarketing training impacts the bottom line

Do you know if your new operators are mentioning the up-selling options to your customers? Do you know if the right subscription packages are offered to prospects? If you record, analyze and share your calls with your operators they can improve their skills at ther operator desk, on their own without costly and formal training.

The Verba solution for call center training

Call center supervisors can use the Verba Recording System to select recorded best practice calls and share them with comments to any group in the organization. A weekly training session can be automated for all call center operators, where they can listen to best practie and learn from comments from an expert.


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